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Category: Hot Stuff

Hot news you can't miss out on

Chequer Mead Receives Cultural Recovery Grant
Created: Friday 2nd April 2021 @ 10:00am by Will
Almost a Panto! - Closed / January Update
Created: Thursday 24th December 2020 @ 2:45pm by Will
Welcome Back
Created: Wednesday 2nd December 2020 @ 10:00am by Will
Live Music Every Friday and Saturday at The Apron...
Created: Friday 30th October 2020 @ 1:46pm by Will
Chequer Mead to Re-Open on July 4th
Created: Tuesday 23rd June 2020 @ 4:41pm by Will
COVID-19: Coronavirus Update
Created: Wednesday 25th March 2020 @ 2:30pm by Chequer Mead Management
Get Ready for another Tip-top Night of Comedy!
Created: Thursday 5th March 2020 @ 10:42am by Alex
Mayors Charity Event - Sunday 9th February at 2pm
Created: Sunday 9th February 2020 @ 2:03pm by Alex
Is That A Shark in the Park?!
Created: Friday 31st January 2020 @ 6:07pm by Alex
It's Time To Head To Pantoland!
Created: Friday 6th December 2019 @ 12:37pm by Alex
The Rat Pack are coming to town!
Created: Saturday 30th November 2019 @ 5:59pm by Alex
Don't miss our Black Friday offer, on selected shows, for one day only!
Created: Friday 29th November 2019 @ 10:43am by Alex
Andy Fairweather Low and the Low Riders - Sunday 24th November
Created: Friday 15th November 2019 @ 2:45pm by Alex
Bring Your Little Monsters to see Monstersaurus this September!
Created: Thursday 19th September 2019 @ 8:38am by Alex
Free Taster Open Day- this Saturday!
Created: Tuesday 10th September 2019 @ 2:01pm by Alex
The Apron Bar and Coffee House is open!
Created: Monday 9th September 2019 @ 9:16am by Alex
Don't miss out on the Autumn Comedy Gala this September!
Created: Thursday 15th August 2019 @ 10:03am by Alex
Britain's very own Godfather of Swing comes to Chequer Mead this June
Created: Monday 17th June 2019 @ 5:32pm by Alex
Chequer Mead's New Circle Seats
Created: Monday 18th March 2019 @ 12:09pm by Alex
Chequer Mead's Theatre Trip!
Created: Wednesday 16th January 2019 @ 11:18am by Alex
High-flying Panto success at Chequer Mead this Christmas!
Created: Thursday 3rd January 2019 @ 11:59am by Alex
Chequer Mead is heading to Neverland...
Created: Friday 7th December 2018 @ 4:03pm by Alex
Join us for an exciting West End Theatre Trip to see the hottest show in town, KINKY BOOTS!
Created: Thursday 26th July 2018 @ 12:36pm by Alex
Calling all Jocks, Brainiacs, Thespians and Skater Dudes!
Created: Tuesday 29th May 2018 @ 8:59am by Alex
James Phelan is a Trickster!
Created: Monday 5th March 2018 @ 7:16pm by Alex
Chequer Mead's West End theatre trip to see 42nd Street!
Created: Tuesday 30th January 2018 @ 12:57pm by Alex
Join us in the Wonderful World of Oz- this February half term!
Created: Friday 19th January 2018 @ 12:43pm by Alex
Happy New Year to all!
Created: Tuesday 2nd January 2018 @ 1:39pm by Alex
It's Panto Time at Chequer Mead!
Created: Tuesday 19th December 2017 @ 11:59am by Alex
Black Friday Offer!
Created: Friday 24th November 2017 @ 10:57am by Alex
Chequer Mead's Birthday Gala
Created: Monday 20th November 2017 @ 1:43pm by Alex
Chequer Mead's Summer Workshop This August!
Created: Tuesday 4th July 2017 @ 1:34pm by Alex
Enjoy an amazing night of music and irish dance with Creeds Cross this July!
Created: Wednesday 28th June 2017 @ 5:01pm by Alex
Experience Take That's Wonderland tour- Screened Live from the O2!
Created: Friday 21st April 2017 @ 8:40am by Alex
The West End Comes to East Grinstead!
Created: Tuesday 28th March 2017 @ 1:47pm by Alex
Jason Donovan tickets on sale today!
Created: Friday 24th March 2017 @ 9:32am by Alex
Don't miss this wizardly wonderful musical adventure this Easter!
Created: Thursday 9th March 2017 @ 3:48pm by Alex
From the Tremeloes to the One and Only......
Created: Thursday 23rd February 2017 @ 9:34pm by Alex
Matilda: The Musical in 20 Minutes - February Half Term
Created: Wednesday 21st December 2016 @ 12:50pm by Will
Get ready for some Panto-madness!
Created: Thursday 8th December 2016 @ 1:22pm by Alex
'Elf Yourself to a pre-Christmas Treat!
Created: Friday 18th November 2016 @ 11:10am by Alex
Open Auditions to play Tommy the Cat in this years Panto!
Created: Tuesday 8th November 2016 @ 9:53pm by Alex
Modifying Humans with Professor Winston
Created: Thursday 27th October 2016 @ 11:37am by Alex
Half term treat with Theo and Wendy!
Created: Friday 21st October 2016 @ 1:26pm by Alex
Chequer Mead Friends Donation
Created: Thursday 8th September 2016 @ 9:13am by Alex
A spiritual evening - with Derek Acorah
Created: Friday 2nd September 2016 @ 11:37am by Alex
Calling all Wannabe Elves!
Created: Tuesday 23rd August 2016 @ 3:38pm by Alex
Chequer Mead Productions present Les Miserables
Created: Sunday 10th July 2016 @ 8:40pm by Alex
Colouring Competition Entries!
Created: Monday 4th July 2016 @ 9:57am by Alex
Jonathan Dimbleby Talk - The Battle of the Atlantic
Created: Friday 17th June 2016 @ 9:13pm by Alex
Join in the Magical Adventure with The Return of Neverland!
Created: Thursday 16th June 2016 @ 12:17pm by Alex
An Evening of Timeless Hits...with Back to Bacharach!
Created: Friday 20th May 2016 @ 8:29am by Alex
Richard Digance- Live on Stage and Live in the Greenstede Gallery
Created: Monday 22nd February 2016 @ 10:47pm by Alex
Mirror Mirror on the Wall......the loveliest Panto is here for you all!
Created: Tuesday 15th December 2015 @ 12:43pm by Alex
Bring some cheer to your festive season with East Grinstead's Christmas Comedy Gala!
Created: Saturday 28th November 2015 @ 10:46pm by Alex
Don't Miss a Beautiful Night, with A Beautiful Noise....
Created: Tuesday 10th November 2015 @ 11:41pm by Alex
Broadway and Beyond......
Created: Tuesday 27th October 2015 @ 8:54pm by Alex
An Audience with Paul Hazell, Comedy Hypnotist
Created: Friday 25th September 2015 @ 9:17am by Alex
Rising Stars bring Simply Musical to Chequer Mead
Created: Friday 11th September 2015 @ 9:08am by Alex
....And this is my friend, Mr Laurel
Created: Friday 14th August 2015 @ 9:39am by Alex
An Animal Treat for the little ones!
Created: Friday 24th July 2015 @ 9:46am by Alex
Peter Howarth- Live at Chequer Mead
Created: Wednesday 8th July 2015 @ 7:16pm by Alex
Elio Pace Returns!
Created: Friday 12th June 2015 @ 12:51pm by Alex
Richard Digance Returns to Chequer Mead
Created: Saturday 30th May 2015 @ 2:19pm by Alex
Tom Baxter - Wednesday 27th May
Created: Saturday 9th May 2015 @ 3:16pm by Alex
Friday Night is Mayor's Night!
Created: Friday 24th April 2015 @ 1:25pm by Alex
An Evening of Madness and Mayhem!
Created: Thursday 2nd April 2015 @ 5:59pm by Alex
There are Magicians, and then there is Jamie Allan......
Created: Wednesday 4th March 2015 @ 9:28pm by Alex
Opera Legends
Created: Friday 20th February 2015 @ 1:24pm by Alex
A Night for Zac - 12th February
Created: Wednesday 21st January 2015 @ 9:21pm by Alex
An Extra Panto Date has been added!
Created: Friday 12th December 2014 @ 3:38pm by Alex
Chequer Mead's New Look!
Created: Wednesday 26th November 2014 @ 8:20pm by Alex
The Fureys date postponed to June
Created: Monday 13th October 2014 @ 9:07am by Pete
Morgan & West arrive by Time Travel!
Created: Tuesday 7th October 2014 @ 2:20pm by Pete
Joe McElderry now on sale!
Created: Wednesday 1st October 2014 @ 8:51am by Will
Last Week for Pantomime Early Bird Deal!
Created: Tuesday 23rd September 2014 @ 10:05am by Will
Spectacular Shows This Summer
Created: Friday 1st August 2014 @ 2:23pm by Alex
Support the Boys in "Oh What a Lovely War" and Support the WW1 Centenary Exhibition
Created: Thursday 17th July 2014 @ 9:19pm by Alex
The Sun is Shining for our 'Dad's Army Dignitary'!!
Created: Thursday 19th June 2014 @ 7:25pm by Alex
Don't Miss Dominic Kirwan on Thursday 1st May, for one night only!
Created: Tuesday 15th April 2014 @ 6:30pm by Alex
The Perfect St Patrick's Hangover Party
Created: Monday 17th March 2014 @ 1:01pm by Pete
An 'Essenc'ial Night Out
Created: Tuesday 25th February 2014 @ 5:39pm by Pete
Singer-songwriter, Horse comes to Chequer Mead
Created: Saturday 15th February 2014 @ 11:14am by Alex
If you missed seeing the Beatles in 1963, here is your chance to see the next best thing!
Created: Friday 17th January 2014 @ 3:07pm by Alex
Chequer Mead is Supporting the Philippines Appeal
Created: Thursday 21st November 2013 @ 6:20pm by Pete
Chequer Mead on National TV
Created: Tuesday 5th November 2013 @ 11:32am by Pete
Ben Montague at Chequer Mead!
Created: Thursday 24th October 2013 @ 1:35pm by Alex
"In the Company of Good Friends" exhibition at the Greenstede Gallery
Created: Thursday 5th September 2013 @ 5:52pm by Lesley
Chequer Mead Fancy Dress and Costume Hire!
Created: Saturday 1st June 2013 @ 11:06am by Alex
Help Us Refurbish Our Seats!
Created: Thursday 6th December 2012 @ 3:47pm by Nick
Chequer Mead to Introduce Online Booking
Created: Thursday 29th March 2012 @ 6:49pm by Will
Merry Christmas!
Created: Friday 9th December 2011 @ 10:52am by Will